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Starting Board

Important site news is posted here.
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Where the mods and admins come together to discuss things.

Character Center

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Northern Numora

Trixie Avatar
Exactly what it says it is. Past Port Northwich is the ocean, large and treacherous. You'd eventually reach another region if you surfed long enough, but you'd probably die of thirst or starvation first.
Aoi Zetsubou Avatar
An island out in the ocean where many people go to vacation or retire.
Josephine Lemaire Avatar
The town next to the ocean. Handles most of Numora's imports and exports.

Southern Numora

A slightly raised field inbetween Candor Town and Widewater. Beautiful in the spring, lively in the summer, colourful in the fall, and tranquil in the winter.
Shelly Jefferson-Fong Avatar
The capital, and the largest city in Numora. Has a little bit of everything in it and usually hosts the most extravagant events.
Ben Wolfe Avatar
A quaint town that hosts both Willow Labs and The Widewater Gym. Most journeys begin here, whether it's getting your first Pokemon from Professor Willow or starting your trek to defeat all eight Gyms.
Roger McCready Avatar
A pretty and small town that doesn't need to exist but does anyway. You will find all your Breeding needs here, from the Breeding Centre to the Egg Shop to the various Ranches and Farms owned by the residing Breeders.
Grigori Malakh Avatar
An abandoned town, haunted with the ghosts of its former inhabitants. Despite the fact that no one alive lives here, the church bell still rings.
Theo Hanson Avatar
A peaceful city. Its pride and joy are its Flower Field and the Police Headquarters.
Nate Grey Avatar
A long, large river connecting from Mirror Lake all the way to the ocean. Treacherous to swim in certain areas, but certainly a sight to see.

Eastern Numora

Lilith Fox Avatar
A tiny town in the middle of nowhere. Candor Town doesn't have much, but is a perfect rest stop for travelers thanks to the overwhelming hospitality.
Fallow Avatar
A large forest between Widewater, Altona, and Sylvan. The travelers going through the forest have worn down a path through the trees, and is lovely to take a walk through.
Shiloh Lockwood Avatar
A small town frequently used as a rest stop right before Victory Road.
Zachary Rampaige Avatar
A treacherous and arduous path filled to the brim with powerful Pokemon and Trainers. Anyone who dares brave the cavern should make sure they are ready for the fight of their lives!
The political head of the region and home of the Elite Four. Located at the end of Victory Road on the peak of Mt. Massive.

Western Numora

Chrysa Pyre Avatar
A town in the middle of Outer Icebridge, centered around the natural structure after which the area is named. Almost Everything is cozy and low-tech.
Trixie Avatar
The constantly snow and ice-covered region surrounding Icebridge.
Dane Wayland Avatar
A wild, overgrown forest, untamed by the human populace. In the center of the forest is the Shale Tree, which is actually made of stone.
Sarah Cox Avatar
The spooky, weird town near Shale Woods. Locals claim the town is haunted by the spirits of the people who lost their lives when Ho-Oh came long ago.
Chloe Kasyanov Avatar
A city filled to the brim with culture. It is named after a Sylveon that helped the townspeople escape the great fire created by Ho-Oh. A grand statue lay in the middle of town to commemorate it, as well as the Contest Hall which is painted with the colours of a Sylveon.
Lazarus Rex Avatar
A beautiful, serene lake near Sylvan Town that perfectly reflects anything on its surface.
bmeduho Avatar
A mountain that contains a cave system, a hiking trail, and a mysterious inner sanctum at the top.
Theresa Fallseec Avatar
The leisure city with gambling, alcohol, and a crime problem.
Shiloh Lockwood Avatar
The town in the middle of The Desert. It's windy, sandy, and hot, but the locals don't mind. A perfect rest stop for tired and thirsty travelers.
Darren Faust Avatar
Exactly what it says it is. A large desert spanning out to the west. Nobody's ever gotten to the other side and returned to tell the tale.

Around the World

Zayne Ootori Avatar
A region east of Johto and south of Sinnoh. Home of Professor Oak and famous for Lavender Town, Cinnabar Island, and the infamous Team Rocket.
A region west of Kanto and south of Sinnoh. The world famous Bell Tower and Brass Tower reside in Ecruteak City, where the legendary Ho-Oh and three Legendary Dogs are said to live. Johto is a very culture-based region.
An island region south of Sinnoh. Known for Mt. Chimney, two large contest halls, and the birthplace of the warring Team Magma and Team Aqua.
Kaiesha Gleeful Avatar
A desert region located away from the rest of the regions. No wild Pokemon live in Orre, and there is no League for Trainers to battle. Team Cipher and Team Snagem hide out in the rather dangerous region.
A large region north of Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. The region is divided by Mt. Coronet and is home to the snowy Snowpoint City. Team Galactic call this region theirs.
A bustling region located far away from the rest. Castelia City is the heart of this region, though the smaller towns and cities shine just as brightly as the metropolis. Team Plasma thrive within Unova, causing havoc wherever they go.
A region located in the west. Most famous for the dazzling Lumiose City, the Parfum Palace, and the villainous Team Flare. It's said the region carries the Ultimate Weapon, a machine made during the Kalos War.
Skye Nādir Avatar
A tropical island region south of most of the other regions. The region boasts the lack of Gyms, instead allowing the trainers to partake in Trials lead by Trial Captains and Kahunas. The region is terrorized by a group known as Team Skull.

OOC Board

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